Many articles and books have already been written on success (and failure) factors of projects. Strangely enough, “Fun” is never mentioned as a success factor. In my experience, one of the common factors in successful projects is almost always a high fun-factor. Some may argue that this is because it’s not a factor but an indicator: when all other factors are properly addressed, people feel more comfortable and fun is allowed into the equation. I would argue that it also applies the other way around: when project team members enjoy working together, they can handle anything – thus increasing the chance of a successful delivery. If we all know happy team members are more productive, why shouldn’t we make a conscious effort to make our project fun to work in? Here is a recent example from the world of aviation - where one airline understood this and came up with a way to put the fun back in the safety briefings.

Click here if you prefer to see the male version.

If you have seen the above safety briefing video, you likely agree with me that this way of briefing is at least 10 times as effective as a regular briefing (and if you don’t agree: when was the last time you paid attention to a safety briefing?) What I particularly like about this approach is that it’s fun for both crew members and passengers. Can you be as creative and come up with a fun way of doing a project task that is a joy for both your project team and your customer? I would love to hear from you.